Liver Disease In Dogs – How To Detect It

Liver disease in dogs can become a huge problem for the owners. The liver is quite an important organ and if it is not healthy, then the chances of your dog’s survival become very slim. This is because the liver is primarily responsible for the conversion of nutrients in the dog’s body. If this organ is not able to function properly, then the canine will not be able to store nutrients. Instead, it would start collection toxins in the body. Further, the dog will start experiencing inflammation which can turn to be severe and cause scars in the liver. Liver disease in dogs or even canine liver cancer can occur in isolation or can be triggered by another ailment that he is suffering from.

dog with liver diseaseSymptoms– most dog diseases often produce the same symptoms because of which it becomes extremely difficult for the dog owners to check what their dog is suffering from. If you pay close attention, you will find the common symptoms of live disease. They are listed below:

  • Your dog is not eating well and vomits if he eats anything.
  • The dog is rapidly losing weight
  • The dog has a runny tummy
  • The dog looks tired and is not as active. He is mostly listless.
  • His energy levels have gone down.

Some of these symptoms can be of worms in his stomach instead of liver disease in dogs. The key is to check his poop. If he has worms, you might wish to get some medications for him. Otherwise, rush to the vet immediately.

Causes– there are a number of reasons why your dog is not feeling well lately. A lot of liver disease in dogs occur mostly because of age. 1 year is your life is considered to be equivalent to 70 years of a dog’s life. This is the reason why dogs who are 10 years or older often start to develop liver diseases because they have likely had enough and their liver is not as robust as before. The best way to avoid this is by using as nutritious foods as possible.

You must avoid toxins. Some dogs respond well when they are not eating the ‘dog foods’ available in the market. These foods can contain a lot of toxins that may harm his liver. Cocker spaniels and terriers generally have a higher likelihood of such problems. Always focus on the right nutrition for the dog breed that you own. This shall help in preventing as well as reversing any diseases that your dog is going through.