Common Symptoms Of Cancer In Dogs

A number of cancers have been known to occur in dogs. They may include liver cancer, spleen cancer and even brain cancer. While all of these diseases produce some specific kinds of symptoms and complications, there are some of the symptoms that remain common. Remember, it is very difficult to diagnose the actual condition that the dog is suffering from. Therefore, read on and look for the common symptoms of cancer in dogs. If your canine is suffering from any or most of these symptoms, you must not waste any more time and immediately rush to the doctor.

Unusual swellings or tumors- it can be quite a scary thing to find a lump on your dog. However, you must not worry as it is quite a common problem and most of these lumps are not cancerous in nature. In case you find a lump that has grown over time, then your doctor might have to opt for a needle biopsy. The lump will mostly turn out to be a wart or a benign cyst. Still, do not take any chances with your dog’s health.

symptoms of cancer in dogsProblems in urinating or defecating- though prostate cancer is very rare in dogs, it does not mean that you do not have to take your dog’s urinating and defecating issues to notice. Prostate cancer can happen to less than 1% of dogs who are older than 10. Problems while defecating or urinating and the general overall weakness in his hind legs can be common symptoms of cancer in dogs. Prostrate cancer’s most common symptom is a bloody urine.  No interest in eating food- if your dog has stopped eating food, there can be a chance that he is suffering from cancer. This is usually because of liver cancer. Though it can also be because of an upset stomach or a bad tooth, it is usually counted in the symptoms of cancer in dogs when it is associated with frequent vomiting.

Passing blood- as scary as it may seem, passing blood is one of the symptoms of cancer in dogs. Though this can also happen because of viruses or infections and not because of cancer, you must not wait for the problem to go away on its own. Always make sure that your dog is being rushed to the hospital. Even infections can turn out to be very bad for hi health.